Managing Global Trade

Driving Cross-Border Commerce

Digital commerce has no borders. International selling is no longer optional. By the year 2022, cross-border commerce will total $627 billion.

If you are ready to expand your digital commerce business internationally, and need help with calculating international duty and taxes with or without Harmonized System (HS) Code classification, you came to the right place.

Calculating Import Tariffs

The Import Duty and Taxes Calculator is the most accurate and fastest SaaS-based landed cost calculator in the digital commerce industry. We support over 220 countries, and have been calculating landed cost since 2007.

Click here to browse our Landed Cost Calculator API documentation, and learn how simple it is to start providing import duty and taxes on your website.

Automating HS Code Classification

At the heart of the platform is an intelligent auto-harmonized code classification engine that identifies the correct HS Code to use in every landed cost calculation.

Click here to browse our HS Code Search API documentation.

Training Global Trade Professionals

Our HTS Code Classifier is an interactive HTS Code classification decision tree that provides hands-on training and practice to accurately identify the correct HTS Code for product commodioties. Whether you are new to HS Classification, or a veteran in the industry, our HTS Code Classifier will streamline and bring consistency to your classification efforts.

Click here to read more about the HTS Classifier.

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